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Organize Your Medications with Specialty Packaging

Pill organizer

Is your pill organizer hard to open, fill or keep organized? Do you sometimes forget if you have taken a dose of your medication? Are you having difficulty managing your medications at home?

Let Angus Borden Guardian Pharmacy take care of you! We can organize and manage all your pills in one quick and easy way with compliance packaging. By using compliance packaging, your pills are pre-organized by day of the week and time of day. You'll get clear and simple instructions on when and how to take each medication. Call or visit us soon to begin organizing your medications.

Some reasons to consider compliance packaging are:

  • Easier to use than managing several different prescription vials
  • Completely organized system divided by day and time of day
  • Helpful reminder of what medication to take and the time of day to take it
  • Ideal for caregivers
  • Provides an easy opportunity to monitor missed or extra doses
  • Convenient for travel
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